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Landscape Plans
Plan Submission Requirements for Landscape.
1. Landscape Plans approved by the Director of Public Services shall be required on all new construction, demolition, excavation, and site redevelopment requiring permits from the Department of Public Services.
2. Landscape Plans are not required for single-family construction activities unless a Tree Preservation Plan as outlined in § 26-21.5, Tree Preservation and Replacement Standards is required.
3. Landscape plans submitted to the City for review shall have a scale of 1" = 50' or larger, be on standard size drawing sheets no larger than 36" x 48", and contain the following information:
a. Drawing with graphic scale and drawing orientation (north arrow).
b. Property lines, easements, rights-of-way (including dimensions).
c. Zoning of site and adjoining properties.
d. Existing and proposed contours at five (5) feet intervals or less.
e. Location and dimensions of existing and proposed buildings, parking/vehicular use areas, paved surfaces, walls, fences, exterior light fixtures, including poles and wall packs, and other site features.
f. Size and location of existing and proposed public and private utilities.
g. Location and sizes of proposed trees and landscaping (proposed plant material should provide detailed information for species, cultivars (if applicable), size, and mature size).
h. Location, size, and species of existing trees to remain on site.
i. Construction details including but not limited to planting details, fence details, location of irrigation systems (if applicable), trash, lighting, and recycling dumpster location, etc.
j. Estimated time schedule for planting installation.
k. A tabulation clearly displaying the relevant statistical information necessary to evaluate compliance with the provisions of this article. This includes gross acreage, area of preservation areas, area of open space, number of trees to be planted and/or preserved, square footage of paved areas, required and provided parking spaces if applicable, and such other information as required.
l. An irrigation plan indicating the location of automatic irrigation system layout, point of connections, utility connections and meters, backflow prevention, drip/spray/rotor irrigation components, sleeving, sensors, and piping.
m. Name, address, and phone number of the property owner.
n. Name, address, and phone number of the person and/or firm responsible for the production of drawings.
4. Landscape plans submitted shall be prepared, signed, and sealed by a Missouri Landscape Architect.
a. Exception: Landscape Plans submitted for individual single-family or two-family properties are not required to be sealed by a Missouri Landscape Architect.