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Final (record) plat
A.  Final (record) plat: Submittal and information requirements.
1.  Application. An application for a preliminary plat shall be made in compliance with Article III (Applications and Procedures), § 26-8 (Common procedures for all applications), Subsection A1, 2 and 3a (Applications and fees).
2.  Information. The final plat shall be drawn at any scale, from one inch equals 20 feet to one inch equals 100 feet, in any increments of 10 feet, on one or more sheets not less than 8 1/2 inches by 14 inches or greater than 36 inches by 42 inches in size, including a North arrow, scale, date, and revision date block. The plat shall contain all the information required in a preliminary plat, but in its final form, subject to the following qualifications and additional information requirements:
a.  All dimensions and bearings, both linear and angular, radii and arcs, necessary for locating the boundaries of the subdivision, blocks, lots, streets, alleys, easements, and any other areas for public or private use. The error of enclosure of the subdivision boundary survey shall not exceed one foot for each 10,000 feet of perimeter survey. The linear dimensions shall be expressed in feet and decimals of a foot.
b.  Accurate distances and directions to the nearest permanent survey monument from which the survey was made.
c.  Location and description of all survey monuments.
d.  When lots are located on a curve or when side lot lines are at angles (from the street right-of-way) other than 90°, the width of lot at the front building setback line shall be shown.
e.  The location and width of all easements necessary to accommodate utilities serving the proposed subdivision.
f.  Accurate delineation of any property designated for dedication for public use (e.g., streets), or temporary public use (e.g., grading easements).
g.  Names of streets.
h.  Identification system for all lots and blocks.
i.  Area in square feet for each lot or parcel, shown on the plat or on a supplemental sheet.
j.  Zoning district classification, and zoning district boundary line when the subdivision is located in more than one district. If the subdivision is coincident with a planned development district, the ordinance number which created the PD District shall be indicated.
k.  Certification by a state-registered land surveyor, who performed the property survey, to the effect that the plat represents a survey made by the surveyor, and that such survey complies with the Standards of Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and Department of Natural Resources; that the plat is a correct representation of all exterior boundaries of the land surveyed and the subdivision of it; and that all monuments indicated thereon actually exist and their location, size and material are correctly shown.
l.  Form of certificate of approval by the Planning Commission.
m.  Boundary description of the subdivision, including the area of the subdivision to the nearest 100th of an acre.

B.  Final (record) plat: review and approval procedure.
1.  Submission by applicant. After the approval of improvement plans, the applicant shall submit a completed application, the final plat, and other information required by § 26-43A above to the Director of Public Services.
2.  Staff review. Final plats will be reviewed in accordance with Article III (Applications and Procedures), § 26-8D (Common procedures for all applications).
a.  Completeness of submittal. Upon receipt of final plat and associated documents, the Director of Public Services shall review the documents to determine acceptability for submission. If the Director determines the submittal is complete, then the submittal shall be date stamped.
b.  Distribution. As soon as practical after acceptance of the final plat submittal, the Director of Public Services shall distribute copies of the final plat to the Fire Marshal and other City staff as appropriate.
c.  Staff review. The Director of Public Services shall review the final plat, and solicit comments from other City staff on such plat, to determine compliance with the approved preliminary plat, including any conditions of approval placed on the preliminary plat, and consistency with the approved improvement plans.
3.  Planning Commission review.
a.  The Planning Commission shall review the final plat at the meeting scheduled for review of the final plat. The Planning Commission shall make a determination whether the final plat is in substantial compliance with the approved preliminary plat. The Commission shall recommend to the Board of Aldermen approval or disapproval of the final plat. A vote of disapproval shall be accompanied by reasons for such action in the meeting minutes.
b.  The Planning Commission shall take action on the final plat within 60 days of its consideration of such plat. Otherwise, the final plat shall be deemed as recommended for approval by the Commission, except that the Commission, with the consent of the applicant, may extend this sixty-day period.
4.  Prerequisites to forwarding final plat to Board of Aldermen. Prior to the Director of Public Services forwarding the recommendation of the Planning Commission regarding the final plat to the Board of Aldermen, the applicant shall provide to the Director of Public Services the following documents as they may be applicable:
a.  Certificate of clear title, prepared by a duly authorized title company, stating that the signatures of all persons whose consent is necessary to the preparation and recording of such plat and to the offer of dedication of any streets and/or other public places are shown on the plat.
b.  The subdivision trust indenture and warranty deed for common land conveyance, accompanied by a letter of compliance from an attorney.
c.  Guarantee of installation of water mains from the St. Louis County Water Company, if not to be installed by the developer of the subdivision.
d.  Verification of street names and addresses from the St. Louis County Department of Revenue.
e.  Tax certificate or copy of paid tax bill for the property from the St. Louis County Collector of Revenue.
f.  Verification that the subdivision name is not a duplicate of another subdivision name in the county from the St. Louis County Recorder of Deeds office.
g.  Verification of payment of all inspection fees, where applicable.
h.  Letter from the MSD certifying connection fees have been paid.
i.  Deposit agreement. [See § 26-42 (Improvement plans), Subsections E through H.]
5.  Board of Aldermen action. As soon as practical after the Planning Commission makes its recommendation and after the applicant complies with Subsection B4a through B4i of this section, above, the final plat shall be forwarded to the Board of Aldermen for its consideration. Upon determination that the final plat is in full compliance with the requirements hereof, the Board shall adopt an ordinance approving such final plat.

C.  Recording of plat. After Board approval, the final plat shall be drawn or photographically reproduced on Mylar drafting film, and shall be submitted to the City for signature prior to recording. Pen or laser plots on Mylar film may be accepted so long as the image is permanent. Following the recording of the final plat, one recorded copy of the subdivision plat, bearing the County Recorder's signature, seal, and notation as to plat book and page, shall be returned to the Director of Public Services of Public Works, along with similarly recorded copies of trust indenture and any other supporting documents required to be recorded by this article. Subject to the provisions of § 26-46A through D of this article, relating to approved display plats, no building permits shall be issued prior to the Director of Public Services receipt of the record plat and any applicable recorded documents.

D.  Plat approval not acceptance for maintenance of dedications. Approval of a final plat does not constitute acceptance by the City for the maintenance of any streets, sidewalks, parks or other public facilities shown on the plat to be dedicated to the City. Such acceptance shall not occur until such time that the Director of Public Services determines that the public improvements have been completed in a satisfactory manner.