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Planned development - Period of validity
A preliminary development plan shall generally include a period of validity of approval of a final development plan as follows:
1. No approval of a final development plan shall be valid for a period longer than 12 months from the date of approval unless within such period a building permit is obtained and construction is commenced.
2. The Board of Aldermen may grant extensions not exceeding six months each upon written request of the original applicant if the application submitted is substantially the same as the initially approved application. However, the Board of Aldermen has the power in such cases to attach new conditions to approval. At such time as the period of validity of an approved final development plan lapses, the final development plan and all uses, terms, and conditions thereof shall be considered null and void. No further development of the site shall be permitted except by application in accordance with the procedural requirements of this section, whereby it shall be considered an entirely new application.
3. Should a request for extension of an approved final development plan contain substantial changes, as determined by the Director of Public Services, the Director of Public Services shall require the applicant to refile his application subject to the requirements of this section as if it were an entirely new application.