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Technical studies
The Director of Public Services, on behalf of any public official, department, or agency, the City Planner, the Planning Commission or the Board of Aldermen may require applicants for development or permit approval to submit technical studies as may be necessary to evaluate the application. Technical review by outside entities with expertise or jurisdiction over some aspects of the application may be required in place of, in addition to, or in association with any studies. Examples of technical studies that may be required include traffic studies, engineering studies, geologic or hydrologic studies, environmental impact assessments, noise studies, market studies or economic impacts. The persons or firms preparing the studies shall be subject to the approval of the Director of Public Services. The costs of all studies shall be borne by the applicant. Any application that is determined to require technical studies or review from entities outside of the City may require special schedules based on the reasonable time frames to conduct those studies or additional reviews.