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Notice shall be provided for each application, as necessary, which shall provide the time, place and general nature and location of the application. Required notice shall be based on the following requirements:
1. Published. Where published notice is required, at least 15 days, but not more than 30 days prior to the public review, notice shall be published in a newspaper in general circulation in the City.
2. Posted. Where posted notice is required, the City shall post notice on property that is the subject of the application within public view at least 15 days before the scheduled review. The City will furnish the sign(s) for posting.
3. Mailed. Where mailed notice is required, the applicant shall provide names and addresses of all owners of record within 300 feet of the boundaries of the property. At the expense of the applicant, the Director of Public Services shall mail notice of the time, place and nature of the hearing by mail at least 15 days prior to the public review. When mailed notices have been properly addressed and deposited in the mail, failure of a party to receive such notice shall not invalidate any subsequent action.