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Preapplication meeting
1. Preapplication meetings may be requested by the Director of Public Services or the City Planner for any application and shall be required when indicated in subsections below. Where required, the applicant shall confer with the Director of Public Services, the City Planner, and other City officials designated by the Director of Public Services. The purpose of the preapplication meeting is to discuss the general nature of the proposal, including:
a. Classification of the application.
b. Procedure and submittal requirements for the application.
c. Criteria for processing and decisions on the application.
d. Notification requirements, timing and other procedural prerequisites, or whether any special community outreach may be important.
e. Planning and infrastructure impacts, including the need for any additional technical studies or outside agency coordination and review.
f. The relationship to the Comprehensive Plan, and whether any specific plans, policies or other design, development or economic development initiatives impact the application.
g. Zoning requirements for the property in question and adjacent property.
h. Opportunities to improve any preliminary design concepts and better relate project benefits or mitigate impacts to other public or private investments in the area.
2. A required preapplication meeting may be waived at the Director of Public Services' discretion and upon the applicant's request for any application that is routine in nature and where the above topics can be addressed by general correspondence.