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Such regulations shall be enforced by the Director of Public Services, who is empowered to cause any building, structure, place, or premises to be inspected and examined, and to order in writing the remedying of any condition found to exist therein or thereat in violation of any provision of the regulations made under authority of this chapter. The City may investigate and initiate proper actions or proceedings to prevent or terminate any activity or condition that is in violation of these regulations, including revoke or withhold any permits, prevent the sale or lease of property, correct or abate the nuisance, withhold any public improvements, or penalize and initiate legal proceedings to prevent the continuance of unlawful actions or conditions. Upon presentation of proper credentials, the Director of Public Services may enter at reasonable times any building, structure, or premises in the City or perform any duty imposed upon him by these regulations. If the owner or occupant shall refuse to allow entry to the Director of Public Services, the Director of Public Services may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant or take any legal action necessary for the purpose of securing entry.